Monday, April 1, 2013

The Winning Pitch Forum At Love Inspired

Have you ever thought about entering one of Love Inspired's Editor Pitchs but were afraid to try? Every wondered what it takes to win? Well, check out this new forum hosted by Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell this week.
Joining Emily will be six authors who have sold to Love Inspired last year and I'm one of them. 

What does it take to craft a winning pitch?

As you get ready to pitch your manuscript in the Love Inspired Happily Editor After pitch session coming up, you might be stressing about paring down your manuscript into a 100 word or less pitch. Fear not. It can be done. In fact, in last year’s Speed Dating with an Editor pitch session, 6 authors successfully pitched their manuscript to Editor Emily Rodmell and eventually sold to the Love Inspired lines (another 3 sold to the Heartsong Presents editor). To help you follow in their footsteps, they’ve shared their pitches here today, and Emily is going to share what made them work for her.
So, stop by and join us this week (April 1)

The Winning Pitch Forum